A current and updated travel guide to show you where and how to travel safely.

Updated August 15, 2020


Not too long ago we thought travel was a luxury. Now, we know it’s a necessity. A necessity for the soul.

At JB Elite Travel, this life altering reset gave us the opportunity to reconnect, innovate, research and understand what guests would want after an unprecedented global lockdown. We asked ourselves what will define the future of travel, and how can we continue to help our guests experience the world’s most captivating places.

COVID-19 has made us reevaluate everything: our lives, careers, relationships, and yes, our travel. If you are like most of our guests, you are asking yourself the same questions: Is it safe to travel, and if so, where and how? The answer is yes, it is safe, if you know where and how.

This is why we’ve created an in-depth review of where and how to travel during COVID-19. We cover what to expect from airlines, hotels, resorts, villas and travel experiences. More importantly, we’ve made sure to curate those secret places that continue to bestow the wonderful experiences and memories you would expect from traveling with JB Elite Travel.

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